White Paper development pitfalls, and how to avoid them

In today’s economic environment, one of the most effective content marketing tools is a White Paper. A well written White Paper requires significant time commitment. When properly executed, a White Paper can help companies position themselves as thought leaders and differentiate their products.

Unfortunately, White Papers often fail to meet up to expectations. A poorly written White Paper results in poor quality leads and little influence as a thought leader.

To help companies utilize a White Paper as a marketing tool, JWN identified some common White Paper development pitfalls:

Too much product/vendor bias : A White Paper is not a sales pitch. The purpose of a White Paper is to educate, not to sell. White Papers that are written by internal resources tend to be too biased toward the vendor to be effective.

Lack of promotional campaign : A well written White Paper requires using the right platform for promotion. Companies often lack the manpower or capabilities to properly promote their White Papers.

Undefined market : Simply promoting a White Paper is not enough. A White Paper needs to target the right qualified individuals who can lead to new sales opportunities. It is crucial to identify the target market and focus promotion accordingly.

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