Weir app brings digital to the oilfield

Image: Weir Oil & Gas

Weir Oil & Gas has developed a mobile application for iPhone or Android devices designed to bring many of the benefits of its previously launched asset management program directly to the field.

The company is using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to register each asset by serial number in seconds. Through this technology alone, a spread of iron can be accounted for in minutes versus hours when compared to the manual process of counting and logging serial numbers by hand, Weir said. In addition to the time savings, the approach reduces human error by automating the inventory process.

“Technology has reshaped our industry in a number of ways over the last ten years, but one basic issue that has continued to burden service companies is pinpointing exactly where all of their iron is located,” Chris Hibbert, vice-president of Sales and Service of Weir Oil & Gas, said in a statement. “We set out to not only help them answer that question, but to go a step further in providing a comprehensive history and insight into asset integrity and performance.”

The company said that one customer using the app witnessed a 79 per cent reduction in time required to inventory a fleet of iron assets. On top of reducing labour expense, the inventory of roughly 900 pieces of iron was recorded at serial number level detail, where previously it was recorded by product type only.

With the previously launched SPM Asset Management Program (AMP) and the new mobile app, users are able to assign assets by crew or unit as well as view Weir inspection certificates, so asset managers know the status of each piece of iron and its location within the fleet in real time, Weir added, providing asset visibility that can translate to improved safety in the field.

Companies required to show inspection certificates on the jobsite can also access them through the Weir app and email them to any exploration and production company representative as needed, eliminating the time-consuming task of searching stacks of paper for certificates and allowing operators to focus on productivity.

Weir has placed RFID tags on all iron leaving its factory dating back to 2015, enabling the company to provide value-added services that can be expanded in the future. Weir also has the capability to retrofit older or competing iron.