These people, companies and non-profit are making a difference to oil and gas sustainability and tech innovation: PTAC

PTAC president Soheil Asgarpour. Image: PTAC

Industry leaders were celebrated in Calgary on Tuesday as executives from Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) delivered awards to individuals and companies that stood out from their peers in Western Canada’s oil industry.

In all, 11 individuals, two companies and one non-profit were honoured at the PTAC luncheon, which was also the venue for the organization’s annual general meeting. Not least among those recognized was PTAC alumnus Dave Rushford, who took this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Cited for “outstanding leadership and strategic guidance” to PTAC and its board of directors, Rushford was a previous board chairman. In particular, his commitment to sustainable development of Canada’s hydrocarbon resources through innovation, collaborative research, technology development, demonstration, and deployment was noted.

This year, PTAC’s President’s Award for leadership in collaborative research and development (R&D) went to Richard Dunn, vice-president, government relations, for Encana Corporation.

Dunn provided strong leadership and commitment to help industry find cost-effective solutions to meet emissions reduction targets through innovation, collaborative research, technology development, demonstration, and deployment.

Also recognized Tuesday was Sean Heibert of ConocoPhillips Canada, who took the Chairperson’s Award for playing “an instrumental role” in PTAC’s Air and GHG initiatives for many years, advocating for industry stakeholders to support R&D through PTAC Committees, among other initiatives.

This year’s Outstanding Service Award, presented to past PTAC board members, went to Mark Johnstone.

The award recognizes those who have left “an outstanding legacy in the Canadian oil and gas industry,” notably in making strong collaborative efforts and for leadership in advancing research and technology development, devoted service, and commitment to achieving sustainable hydrocarbon development.

Here are the remainder of the PTAC awards given out on Tuesday:

  • Ecological Leadership Award: Scott Grindal, ConocoPhillips Canada
  • Soil and Groundwater Leadership Award: Debbie Tainton, Canadian Natural Resources
  • Water Innovation Leadership Award: Michael Bevan, Alberta Energy Regulator
  • Air Quality R&D Leadership Award: Greg Unrau, Repsol Oil & Gas Canada
  • Well Abandonment Leadership Award: Leah Davies, Canadian Natural Resources
  • Eco-Efficiency Leadership Award: Alice Yu, Cenovus Energy
  • Pipeline Leadership Award: Dave Hoffman, Enbridge
  • Corporate Leadership Award: Encana, which was particularly recognized for providing support to numerous methane reductions initiatives slated for launch in 2017, PTAC said.
  • Collaborative Spirit Award: Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC). The SRC, a longstanding PTAC partner, was recognized for work on numerous innovation initiatives including road-mapping the unconventional Bakken play, establishing a Centre for Demonstration of Emissions Reductions Technologies, and launching numerous industry events which promote the progression of the innovation ecosystem within our sector.
  • Commercializing of SME Technology Award: Black Gold Rush Industries, which demonstrated “exceptional collaborative effort” through successfully developing and implementing its enclosed vapour combustors in Canada and the United States.
    “Their technology is an extremely useful tool for Industry to mitigate methane emissions, as [it is] built to comply with current and anticipated industry regulatory requirements,” PTAC said.