Battelle develops software to predict axial cracks in pipelines

Image: JWN

As pipelines age, understanding and assessing their integrity becomes even more important. Battelle has a solution to the problem of predicting when one of those problems will occur—axial cracks.

The world’s largest independent R&D organization recently announced the release of PipeAssess PI Axial Crack Software designed for oil and gas (O&G) pipeline companies to meet critical industry requirements and simplify decision-making.

The software is a user-friendly, customizable alternative to traditional O&G software packages, said Columbus, Ohio-headquartered Battelle. It incorporates important simulation elements such as user-defined hydrostatic tests, operating pressure profiles and attribute inputs (such as pipe geometry, material properties and crack geometry) to provide more complete and accurate life prediction as compared to other software solutions.

The software provides highly reliable, physics-based modelling and prediction for axial crack growth in standard line-pipe sizes and grades, including pipes made of brittle, quasi-brittle and ductile steels. It considers multiple mechanisms for crack growth including time-dependent cracking during hydrostatic tests and fatigue cracking due to pressure cycles, said Battelle.