​Suncor planning new SAGD infill wells at Firebag

Image: Suncor Energy

Suncor Energy is targeting increased production and reduced steam to oil ratios at an existing well pad at its Firebag SAGD project by way of a package of new infill wells.

The company has filed a regulatory application for 14 infill wells at Pad 105 at Firebag. The pad started operations in 2012, the seventh to produce at the project since start-up in 2004.

Suncor started operating its first SAGD infill wells at Firebag in mid-2011. The strategy is designed to take advantage of heat in the reservoir to produce bitumen that isn’t easily accessed by the producer wells.

“Producing the bitumen between SAGD well pairs typically occurs late in the life of the well pair and is usually associated with high SOR. An infill well will also accelerate the production of the bitumen between the SAGD well pairs,” the company says.

“Pad 105 originally consisted of 17 approximately 1,000 metre long SAGD well pairs…The 14 infill wells will be located in between the existing Pad 105 SAGD well pairs and tied into the existing Pad 105 infrastructure.”

No pad expansion is required to accommodate the infill wells, Suncor says, however an additional motor control centre building for infill variable frequency drives and control systems will be needed and constructed on the existing pad.

The incremental recovery factor from the proposed wells is predicted to be about 5.5 percent.

“The infill wells are also expected to reduce the SOR of the pad, improving project economics and having a positive impact on the environment,” the company says.

“Based on past infill performance, it is estimated that the Pad 105 infill wells will reduce the total instantaneous SOR of Pad 105 by about 30 to 35 percent through the increased production.”