​NEB to require more emergency response information in pipeline applications

Image: Deborah Jaremko/JWN

The National Energy Board (NEB) says it is making a "significant change" to the pipeline application process to require more information about emergency response.

This could result in applications deemed incomplete if the additional information is not included, the NEB said Wednesday.

The regulator says its action is in response to increased requests for company emergency response information during recent application and hearing processes.

“Canadians have told us that they want more information about a company’s emergency response information at the earliest stages of a proposed project,” NEB CEO Peter Watson said in a statement.

“These changes will foster increased understanding among stakeholders, hearing participants, NEB experts, and panel members regarding a company’s plans to respond should an emergency occur.”

The changes will require:

  • Detailed company consultation regarding emergency management;
  • Increased technical information regarding emergency response impact assessment and mitigation;
  • Project-specific emergency preparedness and response detail;
  • Project-specific safety and environmental protection measures; and,
  • Revisions that reflect the NEB’s requirement for company emergency procedures manuals to be posted online.

The public has 60 days to comment on the changes, after which the NEB says it will amend the proposed changes based on the response.